Manjaro 21 “Ornara” Review

Manjaro is one of the finest Linux distributions. Based on Arch Linux Manjaro aims to provide a stable and easy-to-use operating system for Windows and Mac users.

Manjaro was first released in July 2011. It features a rolling release model that means you can apply updatesupgrade without reinstalling the operating system. Its focus on making it easy to use for Windows and Mac users lets us control the entire system from the GUI settings manager.

From changing desktop wallpapers to upgrading system kernel is all possible through Manjaro settings manager. .

Manjaro comes packed with all necessary applications including Firefox Thunderbird Pidgin IM and many more. Manjaro brings arch lovers closer to arch Linux.

For smooth installation Manjaro uses Calamares an easy-to-use distro installer. Calamares is deployed in various other popular Linux distributions and it8217s known for providing a hassle-free distro installation procedure. Following are the screenshots of Calamares taken while installing Manjaro Gnome flavor.


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