Mark Surman joins the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors

In early 2020 I outlined our efforts to expand Mozillas boards. Over the past year weve added three new external Mozilla board members Navrina Singh and Wambui Kinya to the Mozilla Foundation board and Laura Chambers to the Mozilla Corporation board.

Today Im excited to welcome Mark Surman Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation to the Foundation board. .

As I said to staff prior to his appointment when I think about who should hold the keys to Mozilla Mark is high on that list. Mark has unique qualifications in terms of the overall direction of Mozilla how our organizations interoperate and if and how we create programs structures or organizations. Mark is joining the Mozilla Foundation board as an individual based on these qualifications we have not made the decision that the Executive Director is automatically a member of the Board.Mark has demonstrated his commitment to Mozilla as a whole over and over. The whole of Mozilla figures into his strategic thinking. Hes got a good sense of how Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation can magnify or reduce the effectiveness of Mozilla overall. Mark has a hunger for Mozilla to grow in impact. He has demonstrated an ability to think big and to dive into the work that is in front of us today. .


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