Were pleased to announce that Michael Cheng joined the Linux Foundation Board of Directors earlier this year. Michael is a product manager at Facebook currently supporting open source and standards work across the company. Michael is a former network engineer and MampA attorney. He previously led the product commercial and intellectual property functions on Facebooks MampA legal team.

Michael has built some of the worlds most valuable and innovative open source ecosystems representing billions of dollars of value including GraphQL Magma Diem ML Commons and many others.

In 2018 Michael helped design the Joint Development Foundation a lightweight turnkey solution for the development of technology standards and specifications. Michael then brought in GraphQL as the JDFs first project. GraphQL now powers trillions of API calls every day for some of the worlds largest companies.

Michael was one of the founding members of ML Commons an industry-wide consortium that aims to unlock the next stage of AIML adoption by creating useful measures of quality and performance large-scale open data sets and common development practices and resources. Michael served as ML Commons first treasurer and it has since grown to more than 50 members and affiliates representing a broad cross-section of the ML ecosystem.


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