Modern, clean new Firefox clears the way to all you need online

We set out in 2021 to reimagine Firefox8217s design to be fast modern and inviting the first time you run it and every day after. Weve always had your back on privacy and still do. Now with todays new Firefox release were also bringing you a modern new look designed to streamline and calm things down so you have a fresh new web experience every time you use Firefox.

Were living in a frenetic time where people are dealing with tough changes in our daily lives and hard to solve problems are popping up everywhere. We think the browser should be a piece of software you can rely on to have your back pleasant to look at and working seamlessly with the web.

Were also on a mission to save you time whether thats by making pages load faster using less memory or by streamlining everyday use of the browser. Good design is invisible. So if things just work you dont really think about it. But a ton of thought has been put into the flow. Our users who have tried the new Firefox have said the fact that I was using a new web browser slipped into the background of my consciousness. And thats just what we were going for.


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