Mozilla partners with NVIDIA to democratize and diversify voice technology

As technology makes massive shift to voice-enabled products NVIDIA invests 1.5 million in Mozilla Common Voice to transform the voice recognition landscape.

Over the next decade speech is expected to become the primary way people interact with devices from laptops and phones to digital assistants and retail kiosks. Todays voice-enabled devices however are inaccessible to much of humanity because they cannot understand vast swaths of the worlds languages accents and speech patterns.

To help ensure that people everywhere benefit from this massive technological shift Mozilla is partnering with NVIDIA which is investing 1.5 million in Mozilla Common Voice an ambitious open-source initiative aimed at democratizing and diversifying voice technology development.

Most of the voice data currently used to train machine learning algorithms is held by a handful of major companies. This poses challenges for others seeking to develop high-quality speech recognition technologies while also exacerbating the voice recognition divide between English speakers and the rest of the world.


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