MSI MEG X670E Godlike PCB Layout Leaks, Being Teased in the PRC

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In a couple of days, AMD will be co-hosting its Meet the Experts event with several Taiwanese motherboard makers, which are said to be showing off their upcoming X670/X670E motherboards during the event. However, courtesy of multiple sources, we already have a preview of MSI’s upcoming MEG X670E Godlike motherboard. MSI itself has posted a teaser on bilibili in the PRC, which shows off the four M.2 slots the board will have, of which three supports the new-ish, slightly wider 25 mm M.2 form factor, compared to the more common 22 mm width for M.2 drives. Note that MSI writes that all four M.2 slots are PCIe 5.0, but it appears that only one of the slots is actually PCIe 5.0, with the other three being PCIe 4.0. Courtesy of Wccftech, we also have the PCB layout and Videocardz got their hands on most of the specs for the board.

The PCB layout was also annotated by @harukaze5719 to make it easier to see what some of the parts are. The board will apparently have a 24+2+1 power phase layout. It also has two additional power inputs via standard 6-pin PCIe type connectors, one for USB-PD and one that provides extra power for the PCIe slots. The board has a total of three PCIe 5.0 slots, with the first two slots sharing bandwidth and the third slot being a x4 slot that is also connected to the CPU. The board will also have eight SATA ports, two internal USB-C ports, as well as a rear one and a pair of modules around the back of which at least one should be WiFi. The board also has two Ethernet ports, one 10 Gbps and one 2.5 Gbps, at least five USB-A ports, nine fan/pump headers, a POST80 debug LED display and space for some overclocking friendly features. The 24-pin ATX power connector appears to be right-angled. Expect this to be a very premium product price wise, most likely well north of US$500.

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