We8217ve all used multiple operating systems in our lives. Some were good and some were bad. But can you say that you8217ve ever used an operating system designed by God Today I8217d like to introduce you to Shrine.

From that introduction you8217re probably wondering what the heck is going on. Well it all started with a guy named Terry Davis. Before we go any further I8217d better warn you that Terry suffered from schizophrenia during his life and often didn8217t take his medication. Because of this he said or did things during his life that were not quite socially acceptable.

Anyway back to the story line. In the early 2000s Terry released a simple operating system. Over the years it went through several names including J Operating System LoseThos and SparrowOS. He finally settled on the name TempleOS. He chose that name because this operating system would be God8217s temple. As such. God gave Terry the following specifications for the operating system.


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