New FinOps for Engineering Training Now Available

FinOps also called Cloud Financial Management or Cloud Economics is becoming an increasingly important skill for cloud architects and engineers as adoption of cloud infrastructure accelerates. Which is why the FinOps Foundation has launched a new online training course FinOps for Engineering which is a practitioner level course which looks at FinOps from the perspective of engineers. The course is designed to provide engineers and those who architect design construct and operate software solutions and infrastructure in the public cloud to understand how to work effectively with FinOps teams finance procurement product and management teams to manage cloud use and cost more efficiently and to derive more business value from cloud.

The video-based course covers a variety of important topics for engineers and ops team members who will walk away with the ability to.

Describe what FinOps or Cloud Financial Management is why it is necessary and how it relates to other software engineering methodologiesdisciplinesDescribe the motivations and drivers of finance product business and management teams with respect to FinOps and compare them to engineering and operations groups motivationsUnderstand the fundamental capabilities and functions needed to manage public cloud cost and usage and the responsibilities of engineering and operations team members in this regardExplain strategies engineers can take to integrate cost awareness into architecture design build and operate processesExplain strategies for engineering and operations teams to better integrate with other functional groups to derive more value from public cloud useAnd more.


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