Open Source Collaboration is a Global Endeavor, Part 2

The Linux Foundation would like to reiterate its statements and analysis of the application of US Export Control regulations to public open collaboration projects for example open source software open standards open hardware and open data and the importance of open collaboration in the successful global development of the worlds most important technologies. .

Todays announcement of prohibited transactions by the Department of Commerce regarding WeChat and TikTok in the United States confirms our initial impact analysis for open source collaboration. Nothing in the orders prevents or impacts our communities ability to openly collaborate with two valued members of our open source ecosystem Tencent and ByteDance. From around the world our members and participants engage in open collaboration because it is open and transparent and those participants are clear that they desire to continue collaborating with their peers around the world.

As a reminder we would like to point anyone with questions to our prior blog post on US export regulations which links to our more detailed analysis of the topic. Both are available in English and Simplified Chinese for the convenience of our audiences.


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