Open Usage Commons: Google’s Initiative to Manage Trademark for Open Source Projects Runs into Controversy

Back in July Google announced a new organization named Open Usage Commons. The aim of the organization is to help projects protect their project identity through programs such as trademark management and usage guidelines.

Google believes that creating a neutral independent ownership for these trademarks gives contributors and consumers peace of mind regarding their use of project names in a fair and transparent way.

Everything seems good in theory right But soon after the Googles announcement of the Open Usage Commons IBM made an objection.

The problem is that Google included Istio project under Open Usage Commons. IBM is one of the founding members of the Istio project and it wants the project to be under open governance with CNCF.

On behalf of Its FOSS I had a quick interaction with Heikki Nousiainen CTO at Aiven to clear some air on the entire Open Usage Commons episode.


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