ORC – Anonymous Cloud Storage Helps Protect Investigative Journalism

ORC stands for Onion Routed Cloud is an anonymous cloud storage network. It is a free and open-source project. ORC allows anonymous file sharing online without the risk of leaking them to the Internet.

In times when Governments around the world are peeking into everyones life Journalists and activists around the globe are finding it difficult to communicate safely on the Internet.

Journalists around the globe are being murdered facing death threats as a consequence of their journalism. If not put under law even social networking sites can also be a threat to freedom in a free country.

Facebook has blocked access within Thailand to a group with 1 million members that discusses the countrys king after the Thai government threatened the company with legal action.

The Guardian Facebook blocks access to group criticising Thailands monarchy.

It is not just one case. There have been numerous cases where social networking sites have been spotted taking actions against activists not Governments or its allies. .


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