OS Chroot 101: covering btrfs subvolumes

OS chroot command allows you to mount and run another GnuLinux from within your current GnuLinux. It does this by mounting nested partitions within your system and it gives you a shell which allows access to this chrooted OS. This will allow you to manage or debug another GnuLinux from your running Fedora Linux.

When I say chroot I mean the command and chrootDir a folder. OSext is the external OS to work with. All the following commands are executed as superuser. For extra readability I removed the sudo at the beginning just dont forget to be superadmin when performing the tasks. means I cut some terminal output.

First Im going to review how to do a chroot on a classic filesystem ext4 xft fat etc and then well see how to do it on our brand new standard Btrfs and its subvolumes.

The process is similar to that used to change the root password or that we may use to repair a corrupted fstab it happens trust me. We can also use the chroot command to mount a GnuLinux in our Fedora Linux in order to perform operations updates file recovery debugging etc.


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