Passwordless Login Vs. Password Login – Good & Bad

We use passwords every day for logging into our favorite sites. We also hate to use it because these days almost all websites force users to create strong passwords that are difficult to remember.

In this article I will not just talk about how beneficial passwordless login system is or how it can boost your sales overnight by providing a hassle-free login system but I will also discuss how password still plays an important role its advantages and disadvantages in securing an application.

If you think today is the worst day that you have to read the History of Passwords believe me it is yet to come because 2020 is still here. We do not know.

We started authenticating users with simple phrases. Back in days users used to have simple passwords like password and not worry at all. Later when hackers countless times managed to download the entire databases with plain-text passwords stored in the database hackers could easily get access to all users accounts.


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