Playing with modular synthesizers and VCV Rack

You know about using Fedora Linux to write code books play games and listen to music. You can also do system simulation work on electronic circuits work with embedded systems too via Fedora Labs. But you can also make music with the VCV Rack software. For that you can use to Fedora Jam or work from a standard Fedora Workstation installation with the LinuxMAO Copr repository enabled. This article describes how to use modular synthesizers controlled by Fedora Linux.

The origin of the modular synthesizer dates back to the 19508217s and was soon followed in the 608217s by the Moog modular synthesizer. Wikipedia has a lot more on the history.

But by the way what is a modular synthesizer .

These synthesizers are made of hardware 8220blocks8221 or modules with specific functions like oscillators amplifier sequencer and other various functions. The blocks are connected together by wires. You make music with these connected blocks by manipulating knobs. Most of these modular synthesizers came without keyboard.


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