(PR) Edifier continues search for perfection by reviving the legendary audio brand STAX

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Innovative audio specialists Edifier have released the S3, the brand’s first premium Hi-fi headphone designed for audiophiles and the first product in their new STAX SPIRIT product line – which brings absolute audio fidelity firmly to the foreground for Hi-fi enthusiasts, music lovers, musicians, and producers alike. For those who may not be familiar, STAX was a legendary Japanese audio brand which Edifier acquired in 2012. Best known for developing the first ever electrostatic headphones, or "EARSPEAKERS", the name ‘STAX’ has been at the forefront of every major sonic innovation since 1938. The S3 continues in this tradition and builds upon the name’s renowned legacy and pursuit of faithfully reproducing a ‘live’ sound.

Inspired by the delicacy of exceedingly more precise electrostatic technology, the Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 achieves a level of audio fidelity previously unheard of at this consumer level ($399.99). Designed with audio professionals and enthusiasts in mind, the S3 set a high technical threshold using finely tuned Planar technology. Planar combines both the benefits of Dynamic and Electrostatic Driver to achieve exceedingly detailed lower frequencies and clearer, more consistent high frequency performance. Utilizing a combination of Snapdragon audio technology; three patented planar driver solutions; Hi-Res Audio technology and innovative acoustic-friendly materials, the S3 delivers a truly memorable, lossless, and low distortion audio experience.

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