(PR) EK Rolls Out New Delta² TEC for LGA 1700 and Intel 12th Gen Core CPUs

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EK, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, releases the latest generation of its TEC solution – the EK-Quantum Delta² TEC – a CPU water block for extreme cooling. In collaboration with Intel, EK has developed a next-generation water block for enthusiasts seeking consistent peak performance and ultimate overclocking of the unlocked 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors.

This water block is based on Peltier (ThermoElectricCooler) technology and can transport heat using the Peltier effect. Inside the TEC plate, the Peltier effect produces a temperature difference between the two sides by flowing a current through it. This means the cold plate, which is in contact with the CPU, can be lowered to sub-ambient temperatures while the liquid cooling loop cools the hot side of the TEC.

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