(PR) HYTE Launches Eclipse HG10 Headset Alongside New Flow FA12 Fans and PCIe4 Riser Cable

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HYTE, the new PC components, peripherals, and lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER, a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom gaming PCs, today announces the HYTE eclipse HG10 along with the HYTE flow FA12 fans and PCIE40 PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable. "We are excited to announce the addition of three new products to our offerings. This is just the start, much more to come and we hope everyone supporting us can continue to enjoy this journey with us.", said Rob Teller, Lead Roadmap Architect of HYTE.

The HYTE eclipse HG10 has made its first appearance at this year’s CES 2022 where it caught a lot of attention thanks to its unique appearance and features. On the outside the sleek, matte lunar grey finish looks very appealing while the premium vegan leather lining the plush foam headband assures that the eclipse HG10 is comfortable even during extended hours of gameplay. In order to achieve the competition-grade level, the eclipse HG10 wireless gaming headset is equipped with high-capacity, lithium-ion battery, delivering a market-leading 30-hour battery life. Once a low battery level is reached, users can simply connect the included USB Type-A to USB Type-C charging cable and continue using the eclipse HG10 without interruption.

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