(PR) IBASE Announces the MBB-1000 Socket LGA1700 Motherboard

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IBASE Technology Inc., a world leading manufacturer of industrial motherboards and embedded computing solutions, debuts the 12th Gen Intel Core processors (formerly Alder Lake) powered MBB-1000 ATX motherboard. The industrial platform is built with long-term reliability for graphics-intensive applications such as AIoT, digital signage, medical imaging, video surveillance and interactive kiosks.

The latest Intel processors integrate up to 8 P-cores and E-cores, drives up to 1.35x times faster in performance with enhanced Intel Iris Xe graphics engine. The MBB-1000 supports four 4K independent displays with 1x HDMI (2.0b), 1x DVI-D, and 2x DisplayPort 1.4a (DP++). It features 5G/4G/LTE connectivity with a 5G-compatible M.2 B3052 socket and discrete WiFi 6E with the new frequency band ranging from 5.925 to 7.125 GHz. The board comes with four high-speed DDR4-3200 RAM sockets with a total capacity of 128 GB and extensive I/O interfaces with 2x Intel 2.5G LAN, 10x USB ports, 4x SATA III, 4x serial ports, and multiple expansion slots including 1x PCI-E (x16), 2x PCI-E (x4), 1x PCI-E (x1), 2x PCI, and 4x M.2 slots.

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