(PR) ORICO Launches High-Performing Portable USB4 SSD Inspired by Mondrian

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ORICO – Shenzhen-based innovative enterprise focusing on high-performance solutions for USB data transmission and charging – is proud to unveil the ORICO USB4 High Speed Portable SSD Montage 40 Gbps series, with a striking and durable design inspired Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The bold and bright aesthetic draws from Mondrian’s famous work Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, incorporating the thick black lines and blocks of color that immediately distinguish the device from the monochrome alternatives on the market. Loud, but not lurid, the design is applied with the durable in-mold labeling technique also found in automobile manufacturing for its resistance to corrosion.

However, the product engineers at ORICO do not pursue form over function and have invested in the right technology to make the Montage 40 Gbps series one of the best-performing SSDs available. During performance testing, the drive achieved 3,126 MB/s reading speed, a 2,832 MB/s writing speed, and transferred 3 GB files in just one second, matching, and even surpassing, many leading products currently on the market. Accompanied by a versatile 2-in-1 data cable for USB type A and type C connections, the drive is widely compatible and able to be used with Mac OS, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems without requiring a driver. Depending on user requirements, the Montage series offers capacity options ranging from 512 GB to 2 TB. "We are so excited to launch the eye-catching Montage series, serving superior performance and carrying a timeless aesthetic that really transcends style trends," commented Xu Yeyou, CEO of ORICO. "We had in mind on-the-go creatives, such as photographers and video editors, when designing the product."

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