(PR) Team Group Launches AIO Cooler with Support for PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSDs

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In recent years, consumer storage products have seen rapid developments. This year, the industry will officially be entering the first year of Gen5 SSDs. In response to risen temperatures caused by the high transfer speeds of PCIe Gen 5 SSDs, T-FORCE, the gaming sub-brand of Team Group, has launched the world’s first all-in-one ARGB liquid cooling system to reduce heat generated by both the CPU and SSD, allowing PCIe Gen5 SSDs to maintain optimal temperatures and stable, high-speed operations for sustained periods. With the new cooling solution, consumers can fully experience the efficient storage performance of next-generation SSDs without any compromises.

Beginning in the 2000s, as the consumer market demanded higher read and write speeds for storage devices, solid-state drives (SSDs) began to replace mechanical hard drives (HDDs) in large numbers. SATA SSDs eventually became the go-to choice for storage upgrades. With the demand for high-speed storage driven by big data and the spread of transmission technology, PCIe became the standard interface for high-speed transmission. In the past few years, read speeds of PCIe SSDs have increased from 3,500 MB/s in Gen3 to 7,000 MB/s in Gen4. PCIe Gen5 SSDs now have over 12,000 MB/s read and write speeds. The large leaps in transfer speeds of each successive generation of SSDs have led to increased power wattage, which in turn have resulted in higher operating temperatures. When SSDs experience rising operating temperatures at high transfer speeds, an automatic throttling mechanism is activated to protect components from damage caused by the high temperatures. With power consumption of approximately 12 W on a PCIe Gen4 SSD running at 7,000 MB/s, the controller temperature can reach over 110℃. When PCIe Gen5 SSDs have speeds of over 12,000 MB/s and consume 14 W or above, one can expect controller temperatures to rise sharply. Therefore, Team Group is committed to providing the best thermal solutions for stable, high-speed operation of SSDs over sustained periods.

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