(PR) TEAMGROUP Launches New ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 and ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 Standard Memory Modules Running at 5600MHz

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To meet the demand for all types of multi-tasking, high-clock-speed experiences, and high-performance computing as well as to provide users with a full range of DDR5 upgrade options, TEAMGROUP, a global memory leader, has announced the release of its newly-updated ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 and ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 5600 MHz high-speed memory modules. Both models will be available on Amazon in North America in early July, 2022. The high clock speed allows for higher-performance DDR5 memory for both desktop and laptop computers, enhancing user productivity and improving overall operational efficiency and storage performance. Consumers worldwide can also enjoy a more stable and efficient experience with lower power consumption provided by TEAMGROUP’s ELITE memory.

In response to the growing demand for high-speed computing and digital technology, TEAMGROUP has introduced the upgraded ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 5600 MHz and ELITE U-DIMM DDR5 5600 MHz memory modules, which boast higher frequencies and low power consumption. The updated specs of the ELITE memory fully meet the needs of business, learning, and entertainment applications on desktop and laptop computers. With a low operating voltage of 1.1 V, the power consumption of the memory is significantly reduced, extending the life of computers it is installed on. In addition, DDR5’s Same-Bank Refresh feature and optimized IC structure can process double the amount of data simultaneously compared to DDR4, which enables computers to operate more smoothly while multi-tasking and significantly improves operating efficiency.

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