(PR) XPG Increases Warranty To 5 Years on PYLON Power Supplies

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XPG, a provider of high-performance products for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, is pleased to announce that the warranty period for the XPG PYLON 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply unit has been extended to 5 years. Previously the unit’s warranty was limited to 3 years. XPG actively works to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability in all their products and happily extends that guarantee to the gamers.

The XPG PYLON is an 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply unit that can reach efficiency levels as high as 89%, delivering performance nearly rivaling that of Gold certified power supplies. It was designed for 24/7 continuous power system operation and comes in four wattage options – 450 W, 550 W, 650 W and 750 W – to meet the specific needs of various types of users and performance scenarios. All models feature DC-to-DC circuit 100% +12V. XPG PYLON complies with the Intel ATX Power Supply Design Guide’s sleep mode function requirements and features a power delivery system that remains consistent and efficient, making it ideal for supporting mid to high-end graphic cards and CPUs. Its 120 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan runs nearly silent for a quiet user experience. Combined with its 105°C Japanese main capacitors, the XPG PYLON is whisper-quiet, highly efficient, and built to last.

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