Primary Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

In this DevOps series of articles I began the discussion by reintroducing DevOps with a new outlook. In the second part I did the same but with focus on the Software Release Life Cycle.

I distinguished the roles of a Software Engineer and a DevOps Engineer in a point-wise and tabular fashion in the third part.

pIn this fourth part I once again want to focus on the DevOps Engineer role in particular and expand on their primary responsibilities in detail.

Before I begin I suggest you take a quick look into our new models particularly the System Development Life Cycle and the Software Release Life Cycle diagrams illustrated earlier.

The responsibilities of a Software Engineer is already quite well known. But it is necessary to explore how the scenarios change in case of a DevOps Engineer.

Unlike planning the softwareaposs design as Software Engineers do planning its deployment can be altogether a different responsibility. Based on the preliminary concept of the software a blueprint based on how it would be deployed is laid out by the developers. But actually planning its deployment on diverse platforms can be a significant role for any DevOps Engineer who takes great care in seeing it to fruition.


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