Privacy analysis of FLoC

In a previous post I wrote about a new set of technologies Privacy Preserving Advertising which are intended to allow for advertising without compromising privacy. This post discusses one of those proposals8211Federated Learning of Cohorts FLoC8211which Chrome is currently testing. The idea behind FLoC is to make it possible to target ads based on the interests of users without revealing their browsing history to advertisers. We have conducted a detailed analysis of FLoC privacy. This post provides a summary of our findings.

In the current web trackers and hence advertisers associate a cookie with each user. Whenever a user visits a website that has an embedded tracker the tracker gets the cookie and can thus build up a list of the sites that a user visits. Advertisers can use the information gained from tracking browsing history to target ads that are potentially relevant to a given users interests. The obvious problem here is that it involves advertisers learning everywhere you go.nbsp.


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