Productivity with Ulauncher

Application launchers are a category of productivity software that not everyone is familiar with and yet most people use the basic concepts without realizing it. As the name implies this software launches applications but they also other capablities. .

Examples of dedicated Linux launchers include dmenu Synapse and Albert. On MacOS some examples are Quicksilver and Alfred. Many modern desktops include basic versions as well. On Fedora Linux the Gnome 3 activities overview uses search to open applications and more while MacOS has the built-in launcher Spotlight. .

While these applications have great feature sets this article focuses on productivity with Ulauncher.

Ulauncher is a new application launcher written in Python with the first Fedora package available in March 2020 for Fedora Linux 32. The core focuses on basic functionality with a nice interface for extensions. Like most application launchers the key idea in Ulauncher is search. Search is a powerful productivity boost especially for repetitive tasks. .


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