Reclaim hard-drive space with LVM

LVM is a tool for logical volume management which includes allocating disks striping mirroring and resizing logical volumes. It is commonly used on Fedora installations prior to BTRFS as default it was LVMExt4. But have you ever started up your system to find a message like the image above after you logged in Uh oh Gnome just said the home volume is almost out of space Luckily there is likely some space sitting around in another volume unused and ready to re-alocate. Here8217s how to reclaim hard-drive space with LVM.

The key to easily re-alocate space between volumes is the Logical Volume Manager LVM. Fedora 32 and before use LVM to divide disk space by default. This technology is similar to standard hard-drive partitions but LVM is a lot more flexible. LVM enables not only flexible volume size management but also advanced capabilities such as read-write snapshots striping or mirroring data across multiple drives using a high-speed drive as a cache for a slower drive and much more. All of these advanced options can get a bit overwhelming but resizing a volume is straight-forward.


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