Recover your files from Btrfs snapshots

As you have seen in a previous article Btrfs snapshots are a convenient and fast way to make backups. Please note that these articles do not suggest that you avoid backup software or well-tested backup plans. Their goals are to show a great feature of this file system snapshots and to inspire curiosity and invite you to explore experiment and deepen the subject. Read on for more about how to recover your files from Btrfs snapshots.

Lets assume that you want to save the documents related to a project inside the directory HOMEDocumentsmyproject.

As you have seen a Btrfs subvolume as well as a snapshot looks like a normal directory. Why not use a Btrfs subvolume for your project in order to take advantage of snapshots To create the subvolume use this command.

You can create an hidden directory where to arrange your snapshots.


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