Red Hat Launches RHEL Stream to Compete With the Rising Popularity of CentOS Stream

When Red Hat decided to kill the stable CentOS in favor of rolling release CentOS Stream it created a sort of revolt. .

The adamant sysadmins who preferred a decade old distribution instead of the goodness of the latest software and updates didn8217t like this democratic decision of Red Hat. They foolishly looked for CentOS alternatives despite Red Hat repeatedly telling them that CentOS Stream is for their own good.

Red Hat started offering free RHEL licenses to small scale CentOS users with no intention of luring medium to big scale CentOS users into purchasing RHEL licenses. .

But no one not even the executives at Red Hat and Community members at CentOS had expected CentOS Stream to grow so fast in popularity. .

Instead of moving to RHEL or any other CentOS alternatives like AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux people actually opted to migrate their CentOS 8 servers to CentOS Stream. They even liked all the benefits of CentOS Stream that Red Hat team and CentOS board members pitched to CentOS users.


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