Reflections on One Year as the CEO of Mozilla

If we want the internet to be different we cant keep following the same roadmap.

I am celebrating a one-year anniversary at Mozilla this week which is funny in a way since I have been part of Mozilla since before it had a name. Mozilla is in my DNA8211and some of my DNA is in Mozilla. Twenty-two years ago I wrote the open-source software licenses that still enable our vision and throughout my years here Ive worn many hats. But one year ago I became CEO for the second time and I have to say up front that being CEO this time around is the hardest role Ive held here. And perhaps the most rewarding.

On this anniversary I want to open up about what it means to be the CEO of a mission-driven organization in 2021 with all the complications and potential that this era of the internet brings with it. Those of you who know me know I am generally a private person. However in a time of rapid change and tumult for our industry and the world it feels right to share some of what this year has taught me.


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