Reinstating net neutrality in the US

Today Mozilla together with other internet companies ADT Dropbox Eventbrite Reddit Vimeo Wikimedia sent a letter to the FCC asking the agency to reinstate net neutrality as a matter of urgency.

For almost a decade Mozilla has defended user access to the internet in the US and around the world. Our work to preserve net neutrality has been a critical part of that effort including our lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission FCC to keep these protections in place for users in the US.

With the recent appointment of Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the agency there will be a new opportunity to establish net neutrality rules at the federal level in the near future ensuring that families and businesses across the country can enjoy these fundamental rights.

Net neutrality preserves the environment that allowed the internet to become an engine for economic growth. In a marketplace where users frequently do not have access to more than one internet service provider ISP these rules ensure that data is treated equally across the network by gatekeepers. More specifically net neutrality prevents ISPs from leveraging their market power to slow block or prioritize content8211ensuring that users can freely access ideas and services without unnecessary roadblocks. Without these rules in place ISPs can make it more difficult for new ideas or applications to succeed potentially stifling innovation across the internet.


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