Release: Mozilla’s Greenhouse Gas emissions baseline

When we launched our Environmental Sustainability Programme in March 2020 we identified three strategic goals.

Today we are releasing our baseline Greenhouse Gas emissions GHG assessment for 2019 which forms the basis upon which we will build to reduce and mitigate Mozillas organisational impact.

Mozillas overall emissions in 2019 amounted to 799696 mtCO2e metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

There are two major buckets.

In 2019 the use of products spanned Firefox Desktop and Mobile Pocket and Hubs.

Their impact is significant and it is an approximation. We cant yet really measure the energy required to run and use our products specifically. Instead we are estimating how much power is required to use the devices needed to access our products for the time that we know people spent on our products. In other words we estimate the impact of desktop computers laptops tablets or phones while being online overall.


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