GitHub Actions is a service provided to quickly setup continuous integration and delivery CICD workflows . These workflows run on hosts called runners. GitHub provides hosted runners with a limited set of operating system choice Windows Server Ubuntu MacOS. .

Another option is to use self-hosted runners which gives the repository administrator more control on the runners. Self-hosted runners are dedicated to a repository or organization. The following article goes through the steps of configuring self-hosted runners using Fedora CoreOS.

Fedora CoreOS is a minimalist operating system designed to be easy to deploy and maintain at scale. The operating system will automaticaly update and provide by default the tools needed to run containers. For all of these reasons Fedora CoreOS is a great choice to consider for running CICD workflows.

The first step to configure and provision a Fedora CoreOS machine is to generate an Ignition file. Butane allows you to generate Ignition8217s file using a friendlier format YAML.


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