Set up Email Server With Virtualmin For Unlimited Emails & Storage

In the Linux cPanel series I reviewed Virtualmin one of the best open-source cPanels for websites and email servers. Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin another great free amp open source website control panel.

Whats great about Virtualmin is that it lets users create virtual servers in an extremely easy way. It lets managing multiple websites on one server and keeping all the websites separate from each other. So if one website is using PHP 7 the other could use any other version or there can be used entirely different technology.

Virtualmin also sets up email services out of the box. All the user needs to do is point the incoming emails to the Virtualmin server.

In this article I will explain how Virtualmin can be used to create and manage emails. There is no need to sign up for paid email services that cost a huge sum of money. Still most of the premium services put a cap on bandwidth and email storage.


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