Set Up Passwordless Login System in Laravel

In the last article we discussed the difference between a passwordless login system and a password login system. In this article you will learn to develop a passwordless login system in Laravel.

We discussed in detail about passwordless login system in another article. But in brief passwordless login allows users to log in to an app without entering a password. To know more about it and how to make it more secure please head over to this article.

Laravel Passwordless Login is a package built by grosv for easily setting up passwordless authentication in any Laravel app. It provides a LoginUrl class and PasswordlessLogin trait to be used for generating a unique URL for logging in to a given account.

First of all cd into your laravel app and require the package using composer.

Once the package is installed well need to get the email of the user. To achieve this we can create a route asking for the users email id.


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