SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro: bringing it all back home

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Not going to lie, the Microsoft SQL Server is my all-time favourite Microsoft product. For a long time, SQL Server was only available for Windows, but not much is really sacred. So now Microsoft, in collaboration with Canonical, are distributing and supporting several flavours of SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro for Azure. I’m going to take you on a short tour of the history of SQL Server, and I’ll try to explain what makes SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro something quite awesome.

She belongs to me

Ashton-Tate/Microsoft SQL Server was originally conceived and delivered for OS/2, not Windows, as a joint collaboration between Microsoft, Ashton-Tate (developer of dBASE) and Sybase (Sybase DataServer) in the late 1980s. But once Windows NT shipped in 1993, SQL Server was further developed exclusively by Microsoft. So in IT terms, SQL Server has a very long heritage.

The design team behind Windows NT were heavily influenced by Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) VMS operating system, and Win32 is now widely accepted to be built around VMS architecture and design principles. If you increment each letter in VMS, you get WNT, but jokes aside it is genuinely no coincidence that the W32 kernel architecture and the VMS kernel architecture are closely aligned; Microsoft Windows is in fact the descendant of an honorable and pedigree lineage of mainframe and midrange computer operating systems going back to the early 1960s.

Early versions of SQL Server were able to hold their own, belting out


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