A password is like a key to your house. In the online world your password keeps your house of personal information safe so a super strong password is like having a superhero in a fight of good vs. evil. In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness month we revisited our Princesses make terrible passwords for Disney and every other account and took a look to see how fortified superhero passwords are in the fight against hackers and breaches. According to haveibeenpwned.com take a look at the how many times these superhero passwords have showed up in breached datasets.

And if you thought maybe their real identities might make for a better password think again.

Lucky for you weve got a family of products from a company you can trust Mozilla a mission-driven company with a 20-year track record of fighting for online privacy and a healthier internet. Here are your best tools in the fight against hackers and breaches.


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News Link: https://blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/news/superhero-passwords-may-be-your-kryptonite-wherever-you-go-online/.

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