Taking Ubuntu for a spin (literally)

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Excerpt below:

Want to learn what we do for the automotive industry? Learn more about how Ubuntu is powering it.

The designers of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway never could have predicted that unmanned autonomous vehicles would someday race on their track – much less robots that can see the checkered flag while their ‘drivers’ kiss the bricks. But after more than a century, what started as a gravel-and-tar track hosted the most advanced driving competition to this date. And in the process, it made history. Let us tell you how.

On Saturday 23 of October, nine teams raced in Indy to see who was the fastest. A total of 21 universities from 9 countries competed, programming Dallara AV-21 racecars to win and take home $1.5M in prizes. The year-long challenge for innovating the field of autonomous vehicles started with more than 25 teams, and finished with nine finalists.

While many skilled teams took part, open-source won the day. It powered the cars and teams, helping them shape the future of autonomous vehicles. It was also seen in the collaboration between the teams, and between competitors during the weeks before the race. ROS was there, and Ubuntu as well. Focal Fossa donned his racing suit and drove in the AV-21.

For more than ten years together, we’ve been powering robotics developers, and we couldn’t be more proud of our involvement. Ubuntu 20.04 provided the foundation for this exciting competition, powering every phase from simulations to execution. You can find everything


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