While Solid-state drives or SSDs have become significantly cheaper in the last few years these 2.5-inch SSDs are now being superseded by PCI Express-based NVMe SSDs. The new solid state drives are much more compact 82152.2 cm and slot right onto the motherboard through the M.2 slot.

Not only are these M.2 drives faster and more compact they also obviate the need for unwieldy power and data cables. The prices of NVMe SSDs have fallen sharply over the past year to the point they are only marginally more expensive than their relatively slower 2.5-inch SSDs.

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However their tremendous storage density leads to overheating. Few people realize that NVMe SSDs can quickly and easily reach temperatures in excess of 80C the intended operating range for most NVMe SSDs is between 0C and 70C. .


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