The future of ads and privacy

The modern web is funded by advertisements. Advertisements pay for all those free services you love as well as many of the products you use on a daily basis 8212 including Firefox. Theres nothing inherently wrong with advertising Mozillas Principle 9 states that Commercial involvement in the development of the internet brings many benefits. However that principle goes on to say that a balance between commercial profit and public benefit is critical and thats where things have gone wrong advertising on the web in many situations is powered by ubiquitous tracking of peoples activity on the web in a way that is deeply harmful to users and to the web as a whole.

The ad tech ecosystem is incredibly complicated but at its heart the way that web advertising works is fairly simple. As you browse the web trackers mostly but not exclusively advertisers follow you around and build up a profile of your browsing history. Then when you go to a site which wants to show you an ad that browsing history is used to decide which of the potential ads you might see you actually get shown.nbsp.


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