The internet needs our love

Its noisy out there. We are inundated with sensational headlines every minute of every day. You almost could make a full-time job of sorting the fun interesting or useful memes feeds and reels from those that should be trashed. Its hard to know what to pay attention to and where to put your energy. With so much noise chaos and division it seems that one of the only things we all have in common is relying on the internet to help us navigate everything thats happening in the world and in our lives.

But the internet isnt working.

Im not talking about whether you have a wi-fi signal or can get online for work or school in that sense the internet is doing its job for most of us connecting billions of people around the globe. What Im talking about is the magic. This amazing portal into the human experience has become a place filled with misinformation corruption and greed. And in recent years weve seen those with power Big Tech governments and bad actors become more dominant more brazen and more dangerous. Thats a shame because theres still a lot to celebrate and do online. Whether its enjoying the absurd long live cat videos or addressing the downright critical like beating back a global pandemic we all need an internet where people not profits come first.


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