The Linux Foundation Announces the Election of Renesas’ Hisao Munakata and GitLab’s Eric Johnson to the Board of Directors

Today the Linux Foundation announced that Renesas Hisao Munakata has been re-elected to its board representing the Gold Member community. GitLabs Eric Johnson has been elected to represent the Silver Member community. Linux Foundation elected board directors serve 2-year terms.

Directors elected to the Linux Foundations board are committed to building sustainable ecosystems around open collaboration to accelerate technology development and industry adoption. The Linux Foundation expands the open collaboration communities it supports with community efforts focused on building open standards open hardware and open data. It is dedicated to improving diversity in open source communities and working on processes tools and best security practices in open development communities.

Renesas is a global semiconductor manufacturer that provides cutting-edge SoC system-on-chip devices for the automotive industry and infrastructure. As open source support became essential for the company Munakata-san encouraged Renesas developers to follow an upstream-first scheme to minimize gaps from the mainline community codebase. The industry has now accepted this as standard practice following Renesas direction and pioneering work.


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