The Software Release Life Cycle in DevOps: Why Reinvent The Model?

In my previous and the first article in this series I presented a new form and model of DevOps and described its essential components and workflow. .

pIn this article Iaposm going to explore the significance of the release cycle of an application and the important role it plays in our DevOps model.

But before I begin it is necessary that I briefly recollect a few essential sections from my previous article particularly SDLC and also re-look into a fact that many of us in the computer science academia might have been inadvertently following for decades.

Iaposm not going to detail the steps again as the previous article has already been linked here. But Iaposll take a look at the SDLC diagram once again in a moment.

The Software Release Life Cycle or SRLC in short is a mandatory procedure carried out during the development of any application. It is a crucial necessity because quality software ensures quality DevOps. That can be ensured effectively only when its various phases are progressed efficiently.


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