The state of the art of microservices in 2020

It is expected that in 2020 the global cloud microservices market will grow at a rate of 22.5 with the US market projected to maintain a growth rate of 27.4 5. The tendency is that developers will move away from locally hosted applications and shift into the cloud. Consequently this will help businesses minimize downtime optimize resources and reduce infrastructure costs. Experts also predict that by 2022 90 of all applications will be developed using microservices architecture 5. This article will help you to learn what microservices are and how companies have been using it nowadays.

Microservices have been widely used around the world. But what are microservices Microservice is an architectural pattern in which the application is based on many small interconnected services. They are based on the single responsibility principle which according to Robert C. Martin is 8220gathering things that change for the same reason and separate those things that change for different reasons8221 2. The microservices architecture is also extended to the loosely coupled services that can be developed deployed and maintained independently 2.


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