Imagine you have created an open source project that has become incredibly popular. Thousands if not millions of developers worldwide rely on the lines of code that you wrote. You have become an accidental hero of that community people love your code contribute to improving it requesting new features and encouraging others to use it. Life is amazing but with great power and influence comes great responsibility.

When code is buggy people complain. When performance issues crop up in large scale implementations it needs to be addressed. When security vulnerabilities are discovered because no code or its dependencies are always perfect they need to be remediated quickly to keep your community safe.

To help open source projects better address some of the responsibilities tied to security many communities hosted by the Linux Foundation have invested countless hours resources and code into some important efforts. Weve worked to improve the security of the Linux kernel hosted Lets Encrypt and sigstore helped steward the ISO standardization for SPDX and brought together a community building metrics for OSS health and risk through the CHAOSS project among many others.


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