Tune up your sound with PulseEffects: Microphones

The PulseEffects app is a full-featured set of modular effects you can use to adjust sound devices. In a previous article you learned how you can use PulseEffects to correct or enhance output devices like speakers. However thats not where its features stop. You can also enhance sound input devices such as microphones. This can help when recording sound for podcasts videos or the like.

This article assumes youve already installed PulseEffects as shown in the previous article. It will not cover advanced topics like recording musical instruments but it will show you how to do better voice or spoken-word recordings.

Microphones come in a variety of forms. The one almost every laptop user has at hand is the condenser microphone built into the hardware. These microphones are limited in terms of producing quality sound. Theyre built to provide basic sound and they will pick up a lot of environmental noise due to how they work. If you want better results for a voice recording there are many choices available based on budget.


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