Tune up your sound with PulseEffects: Speakers

Audio components for your computer dont always produce the quality of sound you want. For instance your laptop speakers may be a bit tinny sounding or a set of speakers for your desktop may be too boomy for your room. Or if you use a desk or headset microphone you may find that recordings you make are not as high quality as youd like. Enter PulseEffects.

The PulseAudio sound server comes with Fedora Workstation by default. Its highly flexible and easily modified. PulseAudio can deal with many different inputs and outputs. For instance it lets you switch between different inputs known as sources such as microphones or sound files or outputs known as sinks such as speakers or headphones.

By default PulseAudio manages sound as streams digitally sampled at a specific rate and bit depth with a defined number of channels two for most stereo streams. It handles different sample rates for you so you dont have to know the details of the stream. PulseAudio simply deals with moving sound from one point to another.


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