Ubuntu Frame – A picture is worth a thousand snaps

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The development of graphical applications intended for use on IoT devices isn’t trivial. The complexity goes beyond the usual challenges that exist in the classic desktop and server domains. One, the IoT world is much less mature. Two, developers need to take into consideration various edge cases that do not apply to hands-on devices like laptops, for instance. Kiosks, industrial displays and digital signage devices require additional focus and rigor.

Ubuntu Frame is a solution designed to simplify and streamline the build and development of products that need graphical output. On a technical level, it is a fullscreen shell, based on Wayland, intended for interactive usage applications. On a product level, Ubuntu Frame bundles communication protocols, input protocols and security policies into a single kit, which can then be used in IoT devices. You can test it today.

Getting started

There are multiple ways you can try Ubuntu Frame. It is compatible with classical desktop applications as well as snaps, and you can run it on any standard Linux system that supports snaps, or Ubuntu Core. Ubuntu Frame integrates with toolkits such as Flutter, Qt, GTK, Electron, and SDL2, and can also be used for applications based on HTML5 and Java.

To get Ubuntu-Frame running, you need to install the snap, set the Wayland display environment variable, and then, in that same shell, launch any supported application, as we will demonstrate soon. First, make sure Ubuntu Frame is running:

snap install ubuntu-frame
export WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-5
ubuntu-frame &

This set of commands will


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