When using Windows you may encounter the 8220Your Location Is Currently in Use8221 message. In this article we explain what this message means and what you can do about it.

In short this message means that a Windows application downloaded from the Microsoft Store is tracking your location typically through an on-device GPS sensor though Wi-Fi networks and Ethernet connections can also be used for these kinds of services. Basically you see this message as a polite notification from Microsoft that your location is being tracked.

Certain applications may need location services to function properly e.g. a GPSnavigation app but if you feel like an application you8217re using doesn8217t need to know your location there are a few ways you can change it.

In Windows 10 press your Win key or open the Start Menu. Next type 8220Location Privacy8221 and click 8220Location Privacy services8221 to pull up a window that allows you to change your8230 Read more.


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