Unikraft: Pushing Unikernels into the Mainstream

Unikernels have been around for many years and are famous for providing excellent performance in boot times throughput and memory consumption to name a few metrics 1. Despite their apparent potential unikernels have not yet seen a broad level of deployment due to three main drawbacks.

While not all unikernel projects suffer from all of these issues e.g. some provide some level of POSIX compliance but the performance is lacking others target a single programming language and so are relatively easy to build but their applicability is limited we argue that no single project has been able to successfully address all of them hindering any significant level of deployment. For the past three years Unikraft www.unikraft.org a Linux Foundation project under the Xen Projects auspices has had the explicit aim to change this state of affairs to bring unikernels into the mainstream.

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