Up for a Challenge? Try These ‘Advanced’ Linux Distros [Not Based on Debian, Arch or Red Hat]

There are hundreds of Linux distributions. Some are for general purpose usage while some are specifically tailored for education robotics hacking gaming and what not.

You8217ll notice that most of them originate from DebianUbuntu Arch and Red HatFedora. If you like distrohopping and experiment with a range of distributions you may soon get 8216bored8217 out of it. Most Linux distributions would feel too similar after a point and apart from a few visual changes here and there you won8217t get a different experience.

Does that sound familiar If yes let me list some advanced independent Linux distributions to test your expertise.

You may argue against the use of term 8220expert8221 here. After all 8216expert Linux users8217 don8217t necessarily need to use advanced Linux distributions. They can easily utilize their expertise on beginner-friendly distributions like Linux Mint.

The term expert here is intended for people who won8217t easily get overwhelmed when they are taken out of their comfort zone and land in an unfamiliar environment.


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